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Kopsorb-M helps to prevent sun spots and facial discolouration due to sun rays

It’s common to worry about taking care of our heart or liver, means time you should not forget that skin the largest organ of our body, wouldn’t it make sense to also protect the skin? When it comes to sun protection, one of the primary reasons to wear sunscreen is the high risk of skin cancer. In fact, rates of skin cancer are on the rise.

Kumar Organic Products Limited is using this platform to create awareness on the dangers of severe sunburns and how easy it is to treat the same using our unique ingredient Kopsorb-M

In recent years has research shown that exposure to ultraviolet rays is equally damaging to the skin, and its harmful effects have been seen in people exposed to high amounts of UVA and UVB radiation in indoor tanning booths. Without the warning signs of sunburn, UVA radiation penetrates the skin more deeply than UVB rays. UVA radiation contributes to skin photoaging — discoloration, wrinkling and sagging of the skin. It also passes through the ozone layer, clouds and window glass. UVA rays are also more plentiful than UVB because they are strong throughout the day and the year.

Benefits of Kopsorb-M 

• Sunscreen preparations like Sun-self tanning, body care, skin care and lip care.

• Colour cosmetics like BB creams, liquid foundations, lip colour, primers, and blushers.

• Hair care products: UV protection hair spray , hair mask, hair shampoo and Conditioner 


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