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Kopcolate Ca (Calcium thioglycolate)

Kopcolate CA is Calcium Thioglycolate Trihydrate which is calcium salt of thioglycolic acid. Itis an active ingredient in some hair removal products.Kopcolate CA is the calcium salt of Thioglycolic acid which is unique reducing agent of the SH-group which opens the sulfur bridges in the Keratine structure of the hair and weakens the hair structure in the hair fibers and in the hair roots. This will break down disulfide bonds in Keratin and weakens the hair so that it is easily scrapped off from hair follicle. It is used as an active ingredient in hair removal products. It is a fine milled white powder with a very good performance due to its alkaline pH-value of 11 - 12. It is used in depilatory formulation. Adepilatory containing calcium thioglycolate & calcium salt of water-sol hydroxycarboxylic or ketocarboxylic acid has potent depilatory activity and leaves a soft, smooth, & pleasant touch to the skin.

Product Information:

INCI Name:Calcium Thioglycolate Trihydrate

Physical form:White fine crystalline powder

Molecular Formula: C2H2CaO2S

CAS No65208-41-5

Chemical formula:(S-CH2-COO)2-Ca2+ X3 H2O

% Active:99%

Molecular Weight:184.21

pH:11-12(1% aqueous solution)


Hair Depilatory

Keratolytic agent

Reducing agent


Approved for OTC topical use in USA/Europe/Asia/Australia/Mexican countries.

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