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Kopthonium (Benzethonium Chloride)

Benzethonium Chloride is a synthetic quaternary ammonium salt. It is a white crystalline solid, soluble in water. These compounds are effective in low concentrations and active against wide variety of bacteria, yeasts and fungus.


Brand name: Kopthonium

Molecular Formula: C27H42ClNOH2

Chemical name: Benzethonium chloride

CAS No: 121-54-0

Molecular weight: 448.09

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Assay: 97-103 % on dried basis

Odour: Mild

Solubility: Soluble in water, alcohol and chloroform. Slightly soluble in ether.


Pharma As an antimicrobial preservative in injections, ophthalmic and otic preparations.

Cosmetics Deodorants, rash cream, foot odour powder, facial lotion, cleanser, make up and sun screen, mouth wash, anti-ich ointment, antibacterial moist hand wipes, antiseptic, sanitizers.

Food industry Hard surface disinfectant

Use as surfactant

Positively charged nitrogen atom of Benzethonium chloride covalently bonded to four carbon atoms

Positive charge is attracted to the skin and hair. This contributes to a soft, powdery after feel on the skin and hair as well as long lasting persistent activity against micro-organisms. Positively charged hydrophilic part of the molecule makes it cationic.

Cosmetic - Up to 0.5%. Cosmetic Ingredient review assessed this ingredient to be used safely up to 0.5% in OTC skin care products (max 0.02% concentration in eye area)


Australia: Listed


USA: Listed

Canada: DSL

Japan: Existing

FDA permits BTC to be used in OTC antimicrobial drug product intended to clean skin wounds.

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