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Koplactate Zn (Zinc Lactate Dihydrate)

Koplactate Zn is used in oral care applications, as it is effective against microbial inhibition and mal odor. Also, it acts as skin whitening agent, as it exhibits the synergistic effect when combined with other skin whitening agents.

Molecular Formula: C6H16O8Zn



In skin whitening applications such as fairness cream, oral care applications such as toothpaste. 

Prolonged release of actives could be achieved both in tablets prepared with lipid micro particles as in gelatin capsules.


Regulatory Status:

TSCA: This material is listed (63179-81-7)

CERCLA: There is no reportable quantity for this material

Internation regulations:

CANADA- DSL : This material is not listed

CANDA-NSDL:   This material is listed

JAPAN (ENCS):   This material is listed

AUSTRALIA(AICS): This material is listed

KOREA (ECL): This material is listed

NEW ZEALAND (NZIoC): This material is listed


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