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Product Innovation: Kopsova a new depilatory active

KOP Research Centre was granted Patent by Intellectual Property India, Government of India, for Kopsova 105 i.e.  Isosorbide Dithioglycolate, a new depilatory active, for it's process of preparation and composition.

It’s unique properties have been successful in eliminating disadvantages caused by application of commonly used hair depilatory like potassium thioglycolate or calcium thioglycolate.

The following disadvantages are faced with commonly available depilatory actives:

1. Commonly used depilatory actives like Thioglycolic acid, sodium, potassium and calcium thioglycolates can cause drying of the skin.

2. Extra moisturizing agents need to be added.

3. Potassium, calcium and sodium thioglycolates may be more soluble in water, hence react faster with the skin, but they have the major disadvantage of causing irritation to the skin. 

4. The compositions calcium thioglycolate and calcium hydroxide tend to form crystals in the formulation, especially during storage.

5. When washed off the skin with water, they form hydrogen sulfide which has an unpleasant odor.

Kopsova successfully eliminates the above disadvantages and ensures the following:

1. Fast Hair removal when compared to other products

2. Better moisturizing property without adding any extra moisturizer in the formulation 

3. It is non-irritant

4. Cosmetically elegant and pleasantly perfumed

5. Cream can be easily applied, and stable in the tube

6. Compared to the existing depilatory actives, a product with Kopsova does not easily get discoloured.

The same active Isosorbide dithioglycolate  can be used in hair shaping like waving or  hair straightening using different formulations.


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