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Some of us have naturally curly hair but want it straightened; others have it naturally straight but want it curly. But whatever the style you like to wear, can be achieved.  The chemistry is involved in it!

Hair is made mostly of a protein called keratin. In hair, keratin molecules are arranged in straight bundles. These bundles are held together by disulphide bonds (-S-S-), which give strength to the hair.

Disulphide bonds are made by the amino acid called cysteine. The cysteine of one keratin molecule forms a disulphide bond with the cysteine of the neighbouring keratin molecule. The more disulphide bonds there are in a strand of hair, the straighter it is.

Kumar Organic’s Kopcolate A is used to change the texture of hair. The chemical name of Kopcolate A is Ammonium Thioglycolate. Kopcolate A is the compound that breaks disulphide bonds.  When disulphide bonds are broken, the keratin bundles come apart, hairs get weakened. Once the hair gets weakened it can be either premed or straightened. If you want a perm, your hair will be tied around curlers to get the curls you want. If you want it rebounded, it is pressed firmly among flat irons till it becomes straight as per the style required. When the hair is shaped to your satisfaction, it needs to be strengthened again so that the style becomes permanent. For this, an oxidation lotion is applied. This contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), which reconstitutes the disulphide bonds. Kopcolate A  is therefore used widely in beauty parlours when customers want their hair re-styled.  

Hence to conclude with, I can say If you have straight hair, there are days when you‘ve looked in the mirror and wished it was wavy. And vice-versa for the curly haired folks out there. A century ago, you might have resorted to putting 24 pounds of heated brass rods in your hair and topped it off with a solution of cow urine and water to set the wave in place. That‘s quite a price to pay for wavy hair. But now, thanks to modern chemistry, a couple simple solutions— of Kopcolate A (ammonium thioglycolate) and hydrogen peroxide— are all you need.


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