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Manufacturer of Kopthione Cu (Copper Pyrithione)

Biocides are protective substances used to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other pernicious organisms, including fungi. Biocides come in a variety of forms, such as halogen or metallic compounds, organic acids and organosulfurs. Each plays an integral role in the paint and coatings, water treatment, wood preservation, and food and beverage industries.

Marine Paints are much more challenging than typical wall paint because they must protect ship's hulls below the waterline against fouling by seaweed, barnacles, and other organisms. They serve the dual purpose of protecting the structure from deterioration which will impact ship performance (speed, manoeuvrability, fuel consumption) and keeping the ships looking good. Paint formulators use Biocide in their paints to prevent growth of micro-organism on ship hulls. 

The biggest problem with Biocides in marine paint coatings is they need to work and be non-toxic to water bodies, so that water body organisms are not affected. In addition to preventing marine growth, the hull coating can also act as a barrier against hull corrosion that will degrade and weaken the metal. It also improves the flow of water passing the hull of a fishing vessel or high-performance racing yacht. 

Kumar Organic’s Kopthione Cu is one of the favourite biocode of most of the paint formulators. Chemical name of Kopthione Cu is Copper Pyrithione. It is micronized light green colour powder, which is 95% pure. Kopthione Cu is added to paints which are applied in marine industries like ships, docks, marine harbours, fishing traps etc. 

Kopthione Cu is intended to be used as a co-biocide (booster biocide) by both professional and non-professional users in antifouling products in combination with cuprous oxide and Copper Thiocyanate against marine fouling species. A booster biocide is not the main biocide in the paint, but is meant to be effective against soft-fouling organisms, so its function is to increase the efficacy of the product in order to remove the most problematic fouling organisms, for example the common algae e.g. Enteromorpha spp. and Amphora spp which are tolerant of copper.

Thus, use of co-biocide like Kopthione Cu along with Cuprous oxide or Copper thiocyanate as a best combination of biocide in marine paint application.


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