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Kopthione 40% FPS (Zinc Pyrithione 40% FPS)

The paint industry has long been aware of the problems of microbial attack on painted surfaces. Microbial growth can lead to both aesthetic and physical degradation of the coating or painted surface. In addition to the obvious aesthetic effects of mold, mildew and algae growth, physical deterioration by their enzymes can lead to physical degradation.  This degradation can include an increase in porosity of the surface coating or a loss of adhesion to the substrate. 

To prevent walls from degradation, biocides are used. Biocides are protective substances used to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other pernicious organisms, including fungi. Biocides come in a variety of forms, such as halogen or metallic compounds, organic acids and organosulfurs. Each plays an integral role in the paint and coatings  industries.

One of the challenges is that relatively few biocide active agents are available, and those actives must simultaneously meet multiple requirements.  However, prevention of fungal defacement is one of the main focus of paint formulation biocide programs, because algal growth can be a significant problem. Most paint film fungicides are not good algaecides, however Kumar Organics’ Kopthione 40% FPS (zinc Pyrithione)has anti-algal activity as well as anti-fungal activity

The chemical name of Kopthione 40% FPS is Zinc Pyrithione 40% FPS, which has 40% of active ingredient. It is a co-ordination of complex zinc. It is stable in extremely low particle size aqueous dispersion for complete protection of all type of paints from microbial attack. Due to low solubility in water, Kopthione 40% FPS is suitable for use in all types of architectural paints (both indoor and outdoor paints) and other products providing protection against wide range of fungus and algae’s. Kopthione 40% FPS is also used in latex paints with water containing high amount of iron, this will help bind irons needed. The use of Kopthione 40% FPS will help slow decomposition of UV light, providing years of protection even against direct sunlight. The antifungal effect of Kopthione 40% is derived from its ability to disrupt membrane transport by blocking pump that energizes the transport mechanism.

Hence, Biocide plays a very important role in preventing microbial growth. Biocide like Kopthione 40%, has to be added in paints to prevent the walls from microbial attack and increase shelf life.


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