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Antifungal biocide

Pullulan is a polysaccharide polymer consisting of trisaccharide units, As an edible, mostly tasteless polymer, the chief commercial use of pullulan is in the manufacture of edible films that are used in various breath freshener or oral hygiene products

Pullulan is a film former and binder popular in the production of breath strips, but it also appears as an ingredient in cosmetics and beauty products because of its solubility in water, and adhesive properties. According to Wikipedia, it is produced from the starch of the fungus Aureobasidium pullulans, and CosmeticsCop.com says that it is "Glucan gum produced by black yeast that contains polysaccharides, which makes it a good water-binding agent, thickening agent, and antioxidant," although no other information corroborates any antioxidant properties or benefits.

Pullulan is seen as an ingredient in cosmetics and beauty product, specifically anti-aging products, because of its ability to provide an instant skin-tightening effect as it adheres to skin. It is able to quickly from a sheer film that temporarily improves skin’s texture and appearance. According to Hayashibara, a Japanese manufacture of pullulan, it also provides a smother texture to formulas, provides foam retention, is antistatic and oil resistant and water soluble and therefore easily rinsed away.

The Cosmetic database finds pullulan to be a low hazard ingredient, although a Japanese study in 1985 did find that one or more in vitro tests of pullulan on non-mammalian cells showed positive mutation results that could potentially lead to cancer. This is unlikely to results in cancer from the use of this ingredient in cosmetics or beauty products, however. No other studies were found that listed negative side effect or adverse reactions from using product or formulas containing pullulan.

Pullulan can be formed into capsules.  Its excellent oxygen barrier properties ensure that the shelf life of products is optimized. Its non-animal origin ensures there is no safety concerns with consumers and its suitability for all consumer groups. Regulatory has GRAS status and has been in use in Japan since 1976 and GRAS status for several application in the US. FDA has recommended GRAS status to Pullulan in US in 2002. Product NOC provided FSSAI.


As Pullulan film is formed it can be used to entrap flavors, colors and other active ingredients. Due to its excellent oxygen barrier properties these ingredients are effectively stabilized in the film is formed. The film can then be cut to any size.






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