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Kopester DO: An emollient to eliminate oily skin

Are you tired of tacky and oily skin? Young men or women (especially teenagers) absolutely hate the feeling of having greasy or oily skin.  Oily skin means, always left with a slick shiny face in photos or cellphone selfies. Grease-filled face becomes an inside joke amongst friends.

 One of the main reasons for having oily and tacky skin is the choice of moisturizer cream/lotion which we use. The ingredients used in moisturizing cream or lotion plays an important role for tackiness on the skin. When we apply a moisturizing cream/Lotion containing ingredients like seasame oil or Mineral oil, it makes the skin oily and sticky after some time. Hence we have to use a cream which contains emollients like Kopester DO  in it. 

The chemical name of Kopester DO is Decyl Oleate. Kopester DO is a medium spreading emollient which is a light transparent liquid with characteristic odour. Kopester DO is an ester derived from vegetable oil and is synthesized by biotransformation process. It has a good lubrication properties and low viscosity. It creates a thin, non-greasy film that gives the skin a smooth and soft appearance. This ingredient is widely used in moisturisers, anti-aging treatments, sunscreen, eye shadows, hand & foot creams and eye creams. Kopester DO helps to retain moisture in the skin which will energize dull, dry skin giving soft skin with lusterous finish. 

To conclude with, when you apply cream/lotions containing Kopester DO, in your everyday body care routine, it will enhance your skin condition by nurturing and hydrating it giving you a fresh and youthful look.


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