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Kopthione Zn powder: The necessary evil of protecting and preserving adhesives and sealants

Air, water, fire and earth are all necessary for the survival of mankind. However, these same necessities can also prove to be sources of great destruction when out of our control.

The same principle holds true for the most ubiquitous creature on earth, the microorganism. Both harmful and beneficial microorganisms exist everywhere that water and appropriate nutrients are available for their growth and survival. Harmful microorganisms, therefore, pose the greatest threat in our environment. How, then, do we maintain control? We must live in harmony with nature, by striking a balance between its beauties and protecting ourselves from its many dangers.

Chemists, biochemists, and microbiologists have sought ways to maintain this balance. Over the years, these scientists have developed chemical agents - known as antimicrobial agents, biocides or preservatives - to combat the growth and proliferation of harmful microorganisms in various industrial applications. Adhesives and sealants formulators use these chemicals in accordance with requirements and guidelines in everyday situations to either control or kill these microscopic pests.

Adhesives, caulks and sealants, particularly water-based formulations and silicone products, are susceptible to microbial contamination, which can lead to spoilage and defacement or reduce the life of your product. Mold or mildew growth in the home is not just unsightly, it is also associated with serious health risks. Especially in locations with high moisture content like bathrooms or kitchens, it is vital to protect your product from microbial growth. Bacterial and fungal growth can also lead to spoilage during manufacturing, shipping and storage. The right in-can (wet-state) preservation can help to prevent visible contamination, unpleasant odors, pH or viscosity changes, or other microbial degradation.


We offer effective broad-spectrum solutions to protect adhesives, caulks and sealants from microbial contamination. The biocide which we offer is Kopthione Zn powder. The INCI name  of Kopthione Zn powder is Zinc pyrithione Powder. It is 97% pure material available in powder form. This product is effective against broad range of Gram positive as well as gram negative bacteria, fungi, molds, algae. Hence it displays potent antimicrobial activity towards fungi, algae as well as lesser extent bacterium. Zinc pyrithione inhibits the proton-linked ATPase in the fungal plasma membrane.  It is hydrolytically stable between pH 4 and 8.5. Below pH 3.5 conversions to pyrithione occur. In alkaline solutions (pH > 8.5) conversion to soluble alkali salts occurs.


Despite the obstacles, world demand for biocides used as preservatives in the adhesives and sealants market is projected to increase 6.3% per year through 2006. A number of developments are expected to drive the biocides market, including an increase in construction and, consequently, an increased demand for adhesives and sealants, which in turn will generate the need for greater quantities of in-can preservatives and dry-film fungicides. The continuing shift toward waterborne adhesive and sealant formulations will also help boost biocides demand because waterborne adhesive and sealants are usually more susceptible to microbial attack. Current products have different strengths and weaknesses and often do an effective job of preserving and protecting, provided they are used selectively. To extract the maximum benefit from a given biocide, it is essential to underpin traditional microbiological skills with expertise in organic, physical and analytical chemistry. 


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