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Triclosan proves to be virucidal against SARS virus

The new exciting discovery to encounter Covid-19!!

Boosted by the close?knit global connectivity we enjoy today; the threat of a viral pandemic is way greater than any other time in human history. This is perhaps the largest viral outbreak in human populations in the century. Depending on the type of surface and ambient conditions, viruses can persist for as short as 5 min to greater than 28 days on inanimate surfaces. The use of sanitizing agents for personal care and surface disinfection is clearly of paramount importance in limiting viral transmissions, by inactivating the viruses before they have a chance to enter the human body.

Virucidal agents are chemical substances that attack and inactivate viral particles outside the cell (virions) which is accomplished by damaging their protein shells (capsid) or the substance penetrates the core itself, where it destroys the genetic material. The virucidal properties of Triclosan had scarcely been explored in the previous years, other microbial infections being more predominant and obstinate. Rising to the need of the hour, it is herein scientifically demonstrated, the virucidal potency of Triclosan at a concentration as low as 100µM.

The main measure of the efficacy of a virucidal agent is the fold reduction in infectivity of the virus, and this is typically conducted by viral suspension tests. The key parameters that affect the efficacy of virucidal agents include the contact time, concentration, and the particular virus involved. A study conducted as per ASTEM E1053 proves that 100µM Triclosan eliminates the SARS Virus HCoV -229E as good as 99.99% in 5 minutes and 99.999% in 10 minutes. The viral suspension was grown on A549, ATCC ® CCL-185TM, Human lung carcinoma cell line.

This finding has imminent relevance in the present scenario where a myriad of disinfectants/sanitizing agents/biocidal agents are floating in the market with virucidal claims lacking a shred of scientific evidence. Even if they can inactivate viruses, the effectiveness in terms of time for action, elimination percentage etc. are not clearly substantiated. Triclosan's efficacy of 99.99% in just five minutes is an exhilarating update in the personal care industry which has already witnessed its use and efficacy in the antibacterial segment. Thus Triclosan is all set to expand its horizons beyond antibacterial applications and swells into the virucidal arena, most appropriate in the context of the present viral epidemic emerging new and infectious variants.

Triclosan is a very versatile ingredient that can be infused with most of the target materials like masks, wipes, door handles, bed foams, etc. which are the frontline articles to curtail the virus spread for which we do not have enough options at the moment. Our pleasure to reveal this discovery to our customers whom we trust would take it at large for the benefit of human health and wellbeing.

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