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Immunonutrition through nutraceuticals

Do the dietary supplements plays important role in resistance by host against infections?

There is one word that is prevalent in this pandemic-Immunonutrition. Immunonutrition is nothing but the way of combating these viruses or bacteria by providing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants etc necessary to give protection against these viruses or bacteria. We have two types of immune system i.e. innate and acquired immune system that gives resistance against viruses and bacteria.

Hence, taking balanced diet helps to boost your immunity and protect from infections. One has to take proper nutrition to build overall strong immunity either by taking dietary supplements or taking proper balanced diet.

Trace metals like Zinc and Iron are essential for the development and functioning in human body. While iron is necessary to make hemoglobin and to make hormones, Zinc also plays important role in many catalytic and structural functions in human body.

Zinc is required for functioning of all six classes of enzymes and also important for transcription and replication factors. In plasma, only 12-16 ?mol/L of Zinc concentration is found. Although, total 2-4 g of zinc is present in human body, it is highly mobile and important for normal functioning of immune system.

It has been reported that supplementation of zinc restores immune functions by improving numbers of T and NK cells and also increase production of IL-2 and sIL-2R. It also stimulates production of CD4+ T cells and cytotoxic T lymphocyte, and also increases cell-mediated immune response.

Zinc derivatives like Zinc citrate (Kopcitrate DH) is good source of zinc to support our immune function and among different zinc salts, zinc citrate has one of the highest zinc content 31%.

Kopcitrate DH is generally being used in food supplements, functional foods and drinks as a zinc supplement.

While world is revolving around Covid, and taking all external precautions to avoid infections; it's always advisable to strengthen our immunity through nutraceuticals.

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