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Do you have bad breath? And are you uncomfortable by this bad breath? Certainly, Bad breath is not the best way to begin your day, right? Not just start of the day, bad breath throughout the day is not pleasant but rather upsetting. Bad breath also called as halitosis which can either be temporary or a chronic state. It can come from the mouth, teeth or due to any an underlying health condition.

Malodor is a very much common problem which millions of people experience at some point of time. This could be the reason for supermarkets or even small roadsides shops on always to have mouth gums, mints, mouthwashes, and other products handy. However, these products temporarily suppress malodor but will not treat the cause of condition. Most of the times Malodor starts in the mouth but it causes due to many other conditions like: Poor dental hygiene, Food, Dry mouth, Smoking, Medication, Mouth infections, Nose, mouth and throat conditions, other causes like certain diseases such as cancers, and conditions like metabolic disorders, can cause a breath odor due to the chemicals they produce.

And the good news is that it can be treated or prevented by using zinc as an ingredient in the preparations of mouthwash, toothpaste, dentifrices, oral rinses or gums.

Thus, bad breath can typically be prevented by better oral hygiene along with regular cleaning practices.

But worry not! There are some trace elements that are often added in oral care preparations to take care of this bad breath!!

As we all know, mouth is a getaway for many diseases which makes us to focus more on our hygiene.

So, letís have look on some of the tips which we can follow to get confidence to go out with the pleasant breath!!

What does Zinc do for your teeth?

Zinc is one of many useful trace elements for maintaining oral health. Fluoride is well known for its use in dental health; still, not all of us are aware of zincís health-promoting quality.

Though Zinc, will not strengthen your enamel but it will prevent the formation of plaque / tartar for sure. Due to this, probability of you getting tooth decay or have cavities is decreased to great extent. Zinc helps you to avoid general gum diseases, such as gingivitis and other mild periodontal issues. It prevents gingivitis by inhibiting bacterial accumulation/deposition on teeth and gum.

It helps in controlling bad air breath and unpleasant mouth taste, by inhibiting the bacterial production of volatile sulphur compounds responsible for mal-odor (bad breath). Zinc inhibits growth of bacterial enzymes responsible for bad body odor. It works by interfering bacterial sugar (carbohydrate) & peptide metabolism which impairs bacterial function and prevents the formation of bad odor.

Currently, there are various zinc derivatives of organic acids are available in the market for oral care.

Zinc derivative such as Zinc Lactate is being used in mouth washes for proven long-lasting fresh-breath protection.

For oral care, Kumar organic products limited, the largest manufacturer of zinc derivative, has Zinc lactate dihydrate (Koplactate Zn) which is zinc derivative of Lactic acid.

Koplactate Zn is used in oral care applications, as it is effective against microbial inhibition and mal odor. It has multiple applications; it will be used in skin care, colour cosmetics. It might be due to itís add on skin whitening property, as it exhibits the synergistic effect when combined with other skin whitening agents.

Thus, using a toothpaste or oral rinse that includes zinc ions is a great way to help promote subgingival (below the gums) health.

Just be sure that drinking water with fluoride along with using toothpaste containing zinc will be only helpful if you have good oral care habits!!

Be sure that you follow this easy tactic while making them a part of your day to day practice and have confidence to go out with the pleasant breath!!

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