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Keep your skin care products safe with a natural add-on- preservative

Any skincare product containing water needs to have preservatives to stop it from becoming a bacteria haven. There is no such thing as a ?preservative free?, but some products can technically claim that they?re ?preservative free? by using a preservative that is classed as a fragrance. So instead you?ll see ?fragrance? on the ingredient label (these can either be natural or synthetic).

Synthetic preservatives (like parabens) are BRILLIANT at killing bacteria. They certainly get the gold medal. But many of us are wary of their potential health concerns. This has led to the rise of the natural preservative.

Natural preservatives work a little different to their synthetic cousins. Instead of killing the bacteria they prevent them by creating an unfriendly environment. They are the security guards turning away the gate crashers at the bacteria party. So since natural preservatives don?t have the same bacteria-killing power; you need to treat your natural products gently. If just a few gate crashers turn up, the security guards stop them all. But if a whole hoard of gate crashers arrives then the security guards will be outnumbered. Kopraphinol (Radish Root Ferment Filtrate) is the current trends for alternative preservative systems and peptide technology. Derived from radishes fermented with lactic acid bacteria.

Key Benefits of Kopraphinol

? It is naturally derived add on preservative

? Water soluble and easy biodegradable

? Very stable and formulator friendly

? Good moisturizing property

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